Cargo Insurance


The movement of cargo locally or across international boundaries is an integrated part of commerce. Goods in transit by land, sea or air are constantly exposed to risks during the journey and the financial consequences of loss or damage could seriously impact business. Marine Cargo insurance offers protection solutions to shippers and owners of goods, Cover ranges from the widest under the “A” clauses insuring accidental physical loss or damage to the basic “C” clauses for loss or damage from specified maritime perils such as vessel sinking, stranding or collision.

Type of Coverage

Institute Cargo Clauses A (ICC A)
Covers all risk of loss or damage subject to specific exclusions. This is the best cover available.

Institute Cargo Clauses B (ICC B)
Gives less cover than ICC A and covers loss or damage reasonably attributable to major accidents and water damage. Exclusions exist.

Institute Cargo Clauses C (ICC C)
Gives the least cover and cover loss or damage reasonably attributable to major accidents

Should you need any Cargo Covers, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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